• New novel, Right Between The Eyes, will be published by Down & Out Books, February 2023.  Much more to come shortly.
  • Short story “The Lemonade Stand” selected as Finalist for Best Short Story of the Year, 2022, by ITW Thriller Awards
  • “Magic 8 Ball” selected as Distinguished in Best American Mystery Stories 2019
  • “The Hookerman’s Backyard” selected as Notable in Best American Essays 2019
  • Short Story “Window to the Soul” was a finalist for the 2019 ITW Thriller Awards for Best Short Story  For a full list of finalists in all categories, click HERE.
  • Short Story “Waiting on Joe” from my book Shooting Creek was included in Best American Mystery Stories 2018
  • Essay “House for Sale by Owner” selected as Notable in Best American Essays 2018 and chosen as Special Mention in The Pushcart Prize 2019
  • Surviving Jersey was a finalist for CLMP’s Firecracker Award for Best Book of 2017 in Creative Nonfiction
  • You can read “Bee Man” in the May 2018 issue of Brevity
  • You can read The Hookerman’s Backyard” in North American Review (May 2018)
  • You can read  “Circus Prayer” in Sweet. Republished in anthology “The Book of Uncommon Prayer”